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Is your document important? Is a good impression important? How is your grammar? Are you hazy about punctuation?
Then, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are preparing an event flyer, a news article, a business report or a web page, accuracy must be top of mind.
At Rail Line Books your copy will be: correct, clear, consistent, concise and comprehensible. Don’t jeopardize your prospects with errors in your document.
You will receive personal advice and professional work in person or through the Internet, if necessary or preferred.
Writing a book? For advice and proofreading and editing, contact Rail Line Books for assistance. The organization, structure, flow, vocabulary and proofreading of your document will be dealt with before you send your manuscript to a designer or printer.

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"Our quarterly newsletter, the Station Dispatch, is read by our membership, donors and the general public. Catherine proofreads each publication to identify grammatical errors, punctuation errors and sentence structure. As a result, we have had many positive comments from our readers regarding the professionalism of our newsletter and its readability.
Catherine Marshall has been a volunteer at the North American Railway Hall of Fame and the Canada Railway Station in St. Thomas for the past 7 1/2 years. Over this time, Catherine has been an important part of our team, volunteering on our Governance Committee, Our Marketing Committee and at events hosted at the station."
George Riman, Office Administrator, North America Railway Hall of Fame, St. Thomas, Ontario

Prior projects:


* "Station Dispatch" Newsletter, North American Railway Hall of Fame, St. Thomas, Ontario
* Tears of Africa: Silent Voice of Pain, 2016, Yvonne Manan. Professional Woman Publishing
* In progress: A woman’s story of abuse, neglect, deceit and escape.


* “Caboose for Hire,” 2018, Station Dispatch
* “Guests on Ikaria,” 2016, Between Friends: A Collection of Poems and Stories
* The Passionate Artist’s Palate Cookbook, 2018, Catherine Marshall. Rail Line Books, Art Cookbook