The Passionate
Artist's Palate Cookbook

The artists are from Canada, the United States, Spain, Greece, France as well as those originally from Hungary, Sweden and Italy. These contemporary practitioners were kind enough to lend their time, talent and works to the Cookbook. Their essays are engrossing, their recipes delicious.

‘Being a home cook brings me joy. Trying new recipes stimulates me, especially when I see the pleasure on the faces of family and friends. There are few communal delights so easy to attain and so rewarding as the sharing of marvellous food.’


My recent decision, in 2017, to turn years of largely unpaid writing and editing into a business, Rail Line Books, has filled me with excitement and fear. I enjoy the discipline and will banish the fear factor. Before Rail Line Books, I worked on organizational documents for charities including newsletters, bylaws and constitutions. These remain a part of what I do.


My writing life began years ago when I realized how much I enjoyed creating short pieces that people found entertaining. My education and occupation both channeled me into the writing world: university where writing book critiques in French and Italian were required, Master’s thesis, law school and legal work. As a language teacher, I taught essay writing both at university and high school.


‘Did you know that many well-known visual artists enjoy the culinary arts? For example, Claude Monet was extraordinarily passionate about food. He hosted all manner of meals using his own recipes and shopping for the best ingredients himself. He also did the cooking.’


Writing Services

Get on track with Rail Line.

Is your document important? Is a good impression important? How is your grammar? Are you hazy about punctuation?
Then, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are preparing an event flyer, a news article, a business report or a web page, accuracy must be top of mind.
At Rail Line Books your copy will be: correct, clear, consistent, concise and comprehensible. Don’t jeopardize your prospects with errors in your document.
Writing a book? For advice and proofreading and editing, contact Rail Line Books for assistance. The organization, structure, flow, vocabulary and proofreading of your document will be dealt with before you send your manuscript to a designer or printer.
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