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Prism Reader’s Questionnaire (Answers provided by D. Thomas)

10 May 10

Prism Reader’s Questionnaire

Answers provided by D. Thomas


  1. What would you lose if reading were banned?

The prospect is unthinkable. Reading is a window to the thoughts, insights, experiences of others. It is connection, enlightenment and essential to quality of life.


  1. What would you do instead?

I would join a resistance group. No-one should have the power to dictate the reading habits of the population.


  1. What value does reading bring to your life?

It is a necessary part of daily life.


  1. How has something you’ve read affected how you lead your life?

I think reading affects you in very subtle ways, not necessarily so overt that it causes conscious decisions.


  1. What about that experience have you shared in detail with someone?

I share my book experiences with book club members but not to the extent that I would want to influence others. Reading is a personal experience.


  1. Do you always finish a book? Why?

No, I do not. If the writing is execrable, I do not have time to waste. There are so many superior writers to get to.


  1. Or, what stops you?

Poor writing(see above),  simplistic plot, vapid characters. Attitudes which promote violence, discrimination or anti democratic views.


  1. Do you ever re-read a book? Under what circumstances?

Yes. I keep favourites which I reread. Well crafted books often provide insights which I might miss the first time. The characters are old friends. It is always worthwhile to visit a classic.


  1. What is the most important, enjoyable or instructive book you’ve ever read?

Could not possibly choose one.


  1. Name 3 essential elements that you consider make a good book.

Skilled writing, depth, layers of meaning.

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