My recent decision, in 2017, to turn years of largely unpaid writing and editing into a business, Rail Line Books, has filled me with excitement and fear. I enjoy the discipline and will banish the fear factor.

Before Rail Line Books, I worked on organizational documents for charities including newsletters, bylaws and constitutions. These remain a part of what I do.


I have also edited

  • a children's book, "The Dragon of Baldeen," (the author is not interested in publishing at this time)
  • a historical memoir, Tears of Africa: Silent Voice of Pain, 2016 by Yvonne Manan

I have written

  • my own travel piece, “Guests on Ikaria,” 2016.
  • The Passionate Artist’s Palate Cookbook, 2018.


My writing life began years ago when I realized how much I enjoyed creating short pieces that people found entertaining. My education and occupation both channeled me into the writing world: university where writing book critiques in French and Italian were required, Master’s thesis, law school and legal work. As a language teacher, I taught essay writing both at university and high school.

Excerpt from Tears of Africa: Silent Voice of Pain

My grandson and I kept running hoping to find Shayeha, the children and his mother. I was devastated and horrified seeing so many dead bodies on the ground—men, women and children. Some were still alive and badly wounded. They could not move and were crying for help. I had never seen anything like this before. Edited for Yvonne Manan, Tears of Africa: Silent Voice of Pain

‘Catherine Marshall’s editing skills have been greatly appreciated by the Governance Committee of the North America Railway Hall of Fame. She ensures that our policies and procedures are free of grammatical errors, and she also improves the clarity and readability of these documents.’

John Shapendonk, North America Railway Hall of Fame Executive Board Member and Chair of the Governance Committee, St. Thomas, Ontario.


Editing and proofreading are exciting pursuits to a word nerd.

Let’s turn your Frog into Prince Charming with the magic of words.

Contact Catherine@RailLineBooks.ca

Excerpt From “Guests on Ikaria”

We were speechless when Ireni and Pavlos invited us to the wedding of a distant relative. This was indeed an honour. We dressed as best we could and went to their house in time to walk the short distance to the church for the eight o’clock service. We were still waiting after nine-thirty for the party to arrive. Then, just before ten p.m., there she was in all her finery—atop a donkey accompanied by male family members with rifles at the ready in case of an attempted abduction by rival suitors.